Health Day @ The Web Conference 2023

The humongous healthcare data not only poses new challenges on data semantics to enable seamless communications among health professionals, but also creates huge potentials to allow Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower doctors to provide better care. Data exchange within and across different healthcare organizations require explicit and shared semantics that biomedical ontologies and controlled vocabularies (e.g., SNOMED CT, ICD9, LOINC, RxNorm) have been widely implemented in the clinical decision-making systems. Aggregating heterogeneous healthcare data becomes doable which is essential for evidence-based care. Computational biomarkers can be identified by mining integrated EHR data using cutting edge machine learning and deep learning algorithms. With the benefits of formal data semantics and rich knowledge encoded in the biomedical ontologies, healthcare has entered a new era of personalized precision medicine.

The Web Conference gathers top notch experts in data management, data analytics, web technologies, semantic web, artificial intelligence, and applied areas. Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning have demonstrated the promising potential of machine intelligence, especially the combination of machine and human intelligence, which can lead to a paradigm shift in healthcare industry in the near future. The Health Day aims to explore this timely topic with the audience from the Web Conference.